3 Important Levers to Stay Productive, Healthy & Better Relationship

3 Important Levers to Stay Productive, Healthy & Better Relationship

For years I struggled with my daily routines and making myself productive. The goal was to make money by investing EFFECTIVE time in business, make time to spend with family for better relationships and nurturing a habit to spend time with me to stay healthy.

It was really a daunting task while growing on the ladder and wearing multiple hats. Then I discovered a very simple thing that changed my life and made me the stress-free, healthy with tucked tummy and no disease.

You can learn these brilliant yet simple techniques, too. Today, I want to show you the most amazing – yet simple levers that I use to stay productive, healthy and have better relationships. And it will change your life too.

You might have heard these: – Tons of other people focus on tactical minutiae: “USE THIS APP! MAKE SURE YOU EAT DRINK WATER BEFORE MEAL! And this app will change your life”

None of those shits matter.

How your day will be – It’s your choice. Not your boss’s, your girlfriend’s, or your kids’. You can engineer a great day, every day.

The value in these levers is not in the novelty, but in the utility. These are not tips that secluded Buddhha monks used in 700 AD. These are practical levers of your time- my time that I use right now, every day, to stay productive. And I focus on applying them into daily routine, not chasing some tactics.


The key is to: Design Your Calendar for Tomorrow a night BEFORE. Most of us wake up, go to work, and spend the entire day reacting to other people’s expectations. If you flip that on its head and “design” your calendar to look the way you want, you can still answer people’s emails/calls – but on your own time. Plan your tasks for tomorrow in your calendar and set the meetings with people than responding to their urgent unscheduled meeting calls. Say “No” for uninformed meetings if you’re not available.


Stop sighing and saying, “I’m not a morning person.” It’s not what your biological body says – but your silly mind frames this excuse for you to be lazy. You can change that in less than a week. If you start your day 1-2 hours earlier than everyone else, you have an indomitable edge. I used a very strong & effective methodology to get out of this “no morning person” statement. Here is what you can do, too.

  1. Set up a “sleep alarm” & Finish Your Dinner Early and go to bed by 10PM. No Exception.
  2. Put Your Phone/Gadgets and TV remote away from you after 10PM.
  3. Set up a “wake up alarm” for 5:00 am and define what you’ll do when you get up at 5:00 am next day. {that’s important}

I worked with many smart but lazy-at-mind people in last few years and I realized that they were failing to be a morning person not because they were not able to wake up early – but they had no plans – what to do after waking up. Our brain gets wired with old habits in such a way that it usually finds many excuses to get into the comfort zone. When you prepare for it in advance – and repeat it for 21 days, you get better in dodging your brain from making wrong/biased decisions for you. So plan your next morning so that you don’t have to think what to do when you wake up.

You can plan Yoga Session (Learn how to do Best Yoga – Balance Yoga at Home), or you can plan to go to Gym as soon as you open your eyes. No Second Thought. And many more things like that.


I developed a unique but interesting philosophy over years. If I’ve to do some repetitive tasks 20 times a week – I’d use automation to make it happen. Some of the repetitive things cannot be automated – So I learned how to do them quickly. Such as skimming & responding to emails – I literally go through and respond to 400+ emails every day. You can do, too. Just you need to learn some keyboard shortcuts and build a mental ability & workflow to tackle these emails. And I do it at a given time – not every time of the day. If you have repetitive tasks, there is someone who does it faster. Learn from them – just look on YouTube for “gmail efficient.” Gmail has keyboard shortcuts. Excel has templates/formulas. These can easily save you an hour a day.

What powers all of this?

Now, I could have the most amazing sleep methods so I wake up on time, every morning (I do). I could have perfected my method of email so I can read hundreds of emails/day (I do). I’ve seen people looking for the “Best Productivity App” to stay productive. Trust me, I’ve used most of the obvious and so called outstanding tools – and concluded that Excel or Google Spreadsheet is the best to-do-manager. Notepad or Word Document or Google Doc is the best writing tool and Gmail is the best email tool. Nothing works better than them.

If you, too, are looking for best productivity tool, or water intake tracker – you are chasing the wrong problem. Water intake tracker won’t change your habit and force you to drink more water. Simply keep a bottle filled with water next to you on the desk at approachable position. It is the only thing that can help you drink more water every.

Solve the right problem!

And no change in behavior would work in silos. You cannot have heavy dinner (booze too,) and get up at 500 am. Impossible. If I eat a huge lunch and I’m sluggish all day, my Gmail keystrokes don’t mean a thing. This is why YOU HAVE TO GO DEEPER THAN OBVIOUS SYMPTOMS and strike the right problem all at once.

What makes me have a wonderful, effective and highly productive day is: Having the energy to tackle everything in front of me. That doesn’t come from an iPhone app. It comes from the food you eat. That’s why it’s so important to optimize the food in your life. It is truly one of life’s Big Wins. And because it affects every other part of your day –every single day – it is the perfect example of leverage.

Get your food right, and everything else follows. To truly master a Rich Life and “engineer” a great day, every day, look deeper than apps. Look at the food you’re eating.

I hope you enjoyed the articled and learned it piece-by-piece. If you practice some different – unique- productivity hack – please do share in comments. That will help thousands of readers to get-set-go.

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