How to nurture leads?

How to nurture leads?

Building your email marketing list is one of my keys to business success. But, there is a difference between building your list and effectively using it! Make the most out of your list with these tips:

  • Use segments.

Email marketing programs, like MailChimp, have an option for list segmentation. This is a helpful tool to use to target a specific group on your list. You may have a master list with all of the contacts and multiple lists for special interests or unique qualifiers – past clients, new leads, etc. The more specific you can be in your segmentation, the better able you are to target and meet the unique needs of your customers.

  • Produce thoughtful, creative content.

Now that you’ve broken your list into segments, it’s time to reach out to those groups with thoughtful, creative content that targets the needs of the group. Consider the nuances in how you communicate with past versus potential clients. For clients interested in a particular service, target the list segment with an informational or special offer exclusively to them.

  • Follow up.

Consider a strategic, tiered approach to your emails. For instance, take advantage of the email metrics section of your program – have additional emails prepared for those individuals that “open” or “click” on your email. They’re interested – keep them engaged with more and more detailed information 

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