Freelance Tutors Handbook

Basic Terms & Conditions to work with TFTH as an Expert

  1. Deadline — You’re bound to adhere to the deadline in any situation. Always remember that the career / Course of the student is at the stake and we can not risk them with our problems.  So, we count on you for everything.
  • How to avoid delay?
  1. Take assignments that you can definitely work on.
  2. Finish the assignment way before the deadline. This gives you leverage on other experts. You get more assignments. You’re likely to be the favorite of the students.

iii. Don’t wait for the last minute to start the work.  

  1. Penalty on delay:
  2. 1-4 hours delay – 10% of the tutor pay.
  3. 4 hours and beyond – 25% of the tutor pay

iii. NO SHOW – If you don’t submit the assignment at all without any information to the moderators, your account is likely to be suspended/deactivated. Company reserves the right to forfeit the account balance.  

  1. Plagiarism – You’re supposed to write all the answers at your own. You must not copy from the internet and put it as it is. The permissible limit for plagiarism is 10%. The answers with more than 10% similarity will be considered invalid submission/no submission.
  2. Referencing & Instructions – Almost all the assignments are supposed to be referenced unless specified. You must follow the instructions given in the assignment.
  3. Quality – Quality is supreme for us and we don’t compromise on that. So make sure to take the assignment that you’re fully aware of. Once committed, we count on you.
  4. Tickets
    1. Students open the ticket if they are not satisfied with the work or want any change in the assignment. You and We are bound to make the amendment in the assignment as long as it is connected to the original requirement. Of course, we will charge the student if the requirement is additional to the original requirement and pass on the monetary benefit to you as well. But as long as the requirement is connected to the original requirement, we are supposed to fix it asap.
    2. Tickets are always urgent as this generally comes after the deadline. We appreciate your immediate solution/response to the ticket. The turn-around time should not be more than 4 hours. You must update the students within 4 hours.
  5. Numbers to be monitored in the dashboard.
    1. Deadline Adherence – more than 90%
    2. Issue rate – less than 20%
    3. Response Time to tickets – Less than 4 hours
  6. Payment:
    1. Biweekly payment cycle – We follow the biweekly payment cycle (1-15 of the month and 16-31st of the month). All the work “Completed” during the payment cycle will be paid to on 22nd and 7th of the month for the respective billing cycle.
    2. Any assignment with open tickets on the closing date of the billing cycle will not be considered in the billing for that cycle. It’ll be moved to the next cycle.
    3. Any assignment refunded to the student will not be paid to you. This may invite a penalty up to 30% depending on the situation. Refund due to poor quality, delayed submission or plagiarism are considered to be fatal for the business and penalty is imposed.
  7. Communication with students.
    1. Once the assignment is assigned to you, you’ll be able to communicate with the students. You’re requested to maintain the decency in communication as if it is your business.
    2. Sharing contact information in any form will deactivate the account at any point in time. Our algorithm can detect any sort of contact exchange.
    3. You’re requested to discuss the assignment related information on the portal with the students. Any other information like pricing, dispute, deadline etc should not be discussed on the portal. You’ll connect with the moderator to discuss these issues.
  8. Few helpful tips:
    1. Self Assigned — Our platform is fully automated and evolving every day. All the assignments sent to you bear the price and deadline. If the price falls closer to your expectation, self-assign immediately. Nearly 60% of the assignments get self-assigned within 2 hours.
    2. Emails – For every assignment and message exchange, you get the email notification. Keep an eye on the emails as they are VERY IMPORTANT.
    3. Best time to take assignments: 4am – 10am — If you can check the assignment during this time, you’ll find a lot of assignments available to be self-assigned. As the day grows, the probability of getting assignments goes down.
    4. Log in to your account on your smartphone. This helps you in responding to the messages of the students quickly when you get time.
    5. Join [email protected] on the hangout. That makes the communication easy.
    6. You can call us at  0120-4300510, 0120-4130011 between 7am – 10pm.